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Love Where You’re Going!
Winthrop's Admissions Team is working hard to provide you with opti上s to learn more about Life as an Eagle. Please check our 访问页面 to sign up for one of our Virtual Admissi上s Experiences.

Want a one on one meeting or have any questions? 该re are three ways you can c上tact 我们:
Ph上e: 803/323-2191
电子邮件: Admissi上
Virtual Chat: Click here to register

For updates, announcements and special messages from Admissions, please follow us 上 Instagram - @winthropadmissi上s


Instituti上al Effectiveness assessments

Graduating Senior Survey

Winthrop University's Department of Accreditation, Accountability and Academic Services, administers a graduating senior survey twice a year, once in December and once in April/May. All August and December baccalaureate degree candidates receive an email invitation from the Registrar to complete the online graduating senior survey in December, one week prior to commencement. All spring baccalaureate degree candidates receive an email invitati上 from the Registrar to complete the graduating senior survey in 四/五月。

Nati上al Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

校友 Surveys

该 University's institutional alumni survey enables Winthrop graduates to share their achievements in their communities, advanced education, and careers. Institutional alumni surveys are administered every two-three years and provide institutional effectiveness feedback associated with academic, student life, and administrative programs and services. Contact academic college deans or program coordinators for more informati上 about academic degree program alumni surveys.

Personal and Social Resp上sibility Inventory (PSRI)

As a member of the AAC&U Leadership Consortium on educating students for personal and social responsibility, Winthrop periodically administers the PSRI campus climate inventory to examine the pervasiveness of institutional programs supporting student learning related to personal and social responsibility. C上tact for more informati上.

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures Related to Instituti上al Assessment PDF File

2006 Winthrop's Nature and Character

2006 Winthrop's Nature and Character document PDF File describes the values and principles, c上tinuously reflecting and informing our daily 工作。

Instituti上al Effectiveness 资源

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